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Product INCI & CHEMICAL NAME Efficiency Recommended Amount (%) Packaging(Kg)
BASIS LP-2070R Lecithin Food emulsifier, improving taste 2~5% 10
Sea grape Water(and)Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract Rich in nutrition, the proportion for necessary amino acids is in accordance with the criteria of high-quality food of the United Nations 1
Agardhiella subulata Agardhiella Subulata Extract Rich in astacin, Rhodophyta polysaccharide, EPA.DHA and sodium alginate, suitable for skin anit-oxidation, anti-inflammation, moisture maintaining and skin firmness Vary for different products 1
PANCIL BA-200E-1 Persimmon Extract/ Lactic acid/ Sodium Lactate/ Propylene glycol/ Distilled Water High deodrizing property for sulphur compound
Except for the high deodorization for sulphur compound (sulfuretted hydrogen and methyl mercaptan) due to fetid breath and faeces odor, it is also good at deodrizing the odor of ammonia, trimethylamine, and low-level fatty acid such as isopropylacetic acid and acetic acid.
3~5% 20
PANCIL PS-M Persimmon tannin/sodium carbonate/trehalose High deodrizing property for sulphur compound 5
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